Galway Parks Tennis Finals 2014

Age Group Boys Girls
U 14 Brendan O'Keefe Megan Mulledy
U 12 Eliot McPhillips Alison O Grady
U 10 Sean Connolly Laura Turner
Runners Up
Age Group Boys Girls
U 14 Joe Doolan Shona Hendrick
U 12 Donal Higgins Bryna Milton
U 10 Caleb Glavee Rachel Tolbert
Dempsey Cup
Winner: Shona Hendrick

Galway Parks Tennis Finals 2013

Age Group Boys Girls
U 14 Matthew Gardner, Maree Ciara Maloney, Tuam
U 12 Rory Carberry, Maree Eve McDaid, Maree
U 10 Alex Haugh, Maree Amy Ciuche, Maree
Runners Up
Age Group Boys Girls
U 14 David Comer, Westside Caoimhe McDermott, Barna
U 12 Matthew Mannion, Tuam Shona Hendrick, Tuam
U 10 Rory O'Donnell, Tuam Amy Kelly, Tuam
GLTC Memberships
Crestwood - Jonathan Welford
Doughiska - Adam Lally
Knocknacarra - Harry King
Westside - Luke Dalton
Barna - Jacob Commins
Maree - Amy Ciuche
Dempsey Cup
Winner: Jennifer Noonan

Galway Parks Tennis Finals 2012

Age Group Boys Girls
U 14 Oran Martin, Tuam Megan Forde, Barna
U 12 Niall Rooney, Barna Shona Hendrick, Tuam
U 10 Sean Connolly, Maree Amy Kelly, Tuam
Runners Up
Age Group Boys Girls
U 14 Matthew Gardiner, Maree Salog Hendrick, Tuam
U 12 James Kerr, Westside Amy Connolly, Maree
U 10 Deangelo Massah, Knocknacarra Hannah King, Knocknacarra
GLTC Memberships
Crestwood - Elaine Moylan
Doughiska - Peter Healy
Knocknacarra - Eva Holland
Westside - Kevin Rabbitte
Barna - Katie McDermott
Maree - Ian Lalor
Dempsey Cup
Winner - Barna - Kim O'Connor

Galway Parks Tennis Finals 2011

Age Group Boys Girls
U 14 Declan Walsh, Barna Sadhbh Hendrick, Tuam
U 12 Matthew Gardner, Maree Jean Brennan, Barna
U 10 Donal Higgins, Maree Shona Hendrick, Tuam
Runners Up
Age Group Boys Girls
U 14 Matthew Murphy, Tuam Megan Forde, Barna
U 12 James Smith, Doughiska Elaine Moylan, Crestwood
U 10 Robert Murphy, Tuam Ellie Garrett, Crestwood
GLTC Memberships
Crestwood - Ellie Garrett
Doughiska - James Smith
Knocknacarra - Jpshua Keeya
Westside - Johnny McMahon
Barna - Caoimhe McDermot
Dempsey Cup
Winner - Knocknacarra - Molly Davies
Crestwood - Leonna Cummins
Westside - Fiona Kerr
Barna - Mark Dinnegan
Doughiska - Desiree Oduah
Maree - Eve McDaid

Galway Parks Tennis Finals 2010

Galway Parks Tennis Winners 2010 Runners Up
  • U 14 - Boys Richard Noonan, Maree
  • U 14 - Girls Jenny Carberry, Maree
  • U 12 - Boys Faddle Badiane, Knocknacarra
  • U 12 - Girls Donna Bergin, Knocknacarra
  • U 10 - Boys Matthew Vandervolt, Knocknacarra
  • U 10 - Girls Aoife O'Halloran, Crestwood
  • U 14 - Boys Brian Flatley, Westside
  • U 14 - Girls Nicole Sylver, Crestwood
  • U 12 - Boys Conor Quinn, Tuam
  • U 12 - Girls Samantha Curren, Westside
  • U 10 - Boys Niall Rooney, Westsdie
  • U 10 - Girls Nicole Garaghty, Maree
Galway Lawn Tennis Club Membership Awards
  • Dominic Curley, Crestwood
  • Dami Oyelola, Doughiska
  • Matthew Vandervolt, Knocknacarra
  • Fiachra McHugh, Maree
  • Maeve Hurson, Westside
  • Samantha Curren, Barna
Dempsey Cup Winner
  • Nicole Sylver, Crestwood

Galway Parks Tennis Finals 2009

Following a series of round robin games between Crestwood, Barna, Knocknacarra, Westside , Maree and Tuam, the winners were; Samantha Curran U10 (Barna), runner-up Donna Bergin (Knocknacarra), Mairead Divilly U12 (Knocknacarra), runner-up Jenny Carberry (Maree), Eimear Kelly Greally U14 (Barna), runner-up Leah King (Crestwood), Niall Rooney U10 (Barna), runner-up Matthew Gardiner (Maree), Diarmuid McGee U12(Barna), Runner-up Brian Flatley (Westside), and Alan Burke U14 (Maree), Runner-up Gary Donoghue (Crestwood).

The Galway Lawn Tennis Club awarded memberships to the most promising players at each venue. The recipients were; Darren Crean, Crestwood, Dylan Garvey, Westside, Laura Gough, Maree, Kamil Szymaszch, Knocknacarra and Adam Doyle, Barna. The Dempsey Cup is given each year to the all-round best participant, and this year it went to Emer O'Connell from Westside.

Mayor Declan McDonnell attended the prizegiving and in a short address encouraged the children to continue to play sport. Co-ordinator Gabrielle Barry thanked the sponsors Shreddies, Richard Quinn Jewellers, Clada Minerals and Galway Lawn Tennis Club for their continued support of the event.

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